I am two-time stroke survivor, four-time brain aneurysm survivor, and rare disease patient diagnosed with focal fibromuscular dysplasia. Prior to my diagnosiswith fibromuscular dysplasia at age 31, I earned my B.A. in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, and after a spontaneous carotid artery dissection caused my first stroke at age 27, I returned to school to earn a M.A. in liberal studies, a certificate from Columbia University's Narrative Medicine program, and a certificate in End of Life Care.

I was the coordinator of ePatient Programs for Stanford University's #Medicine X conference for three years from 2014 until I resigne
d in 2017 and became the strategic communications lead for a biotech recruiting firm, I subsequently joined a private web design company as creative content manager for medical and automotive clients focusing on social media and SEO. I was forced to leave my content management work after I suffered a nearly fatal stroke during surgery to treat a brain aneurysm. I am a geriatric millennial, gardener and cat-mom who likes dirty chai and naps. I hope to make at least one positive impact on the world before my time here is over. 

I have nearly 20 years professional experience in strategic communications, social media management, marketing, graphic design, public relations, news reporting, magazine writing, and editing. A consultant and public speaker fostering the patient voice, Kucharski's special interests include chronic illness, doctor-patient communication, end of life care, patient-caregiver relationships, patient engagement, patient experience, health literacy, and innovation.

I have been a keynote speaker, solo presenter, panel contributor, workshop facilitator, and advisor for organizations including Planetree International, the American Society of Nephrology, MedCity, Doctors 2.0 & You, Bon Secours, Johns Hopkins, Stanford Medicine X, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation among others. Her work has been recognized with a RARE Champion of Hope Nomination for Collaborations in Advocacy as well as other awards and scholarships.

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