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Dissing Ability

Whether in odds or evens, flights, or cases, stairs divide the cans from the can nots. When I was discharged from the hospital, misdiagnosed then with vertigo and re-diagnosed later with a stroke, I was unsure how I was going to get inside my house. A steep flight of wooden stairs ran from the back door to the kitchen. It took two sidewalk steps and another four to get to the front door. Despite a week of resting recovery, I was unable to walk unaided. I was given a grey and chrome walker just like my great-grandmother had used, and bounced along the hospital halls like a sad little pinball. Per my request, a physical therapist—alarmingly old and tiny—hobbled me to the fire escape stairwell just outside my room and spent 20 minutes clutching to a safety band lashed around my waist as she explained "good legs go to heaven, bad legs go to he..." She didn't actually say "hell" but instead raised her eyebrows on the first syllable of the word and then went silen