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Generally speaking, I had always wanted to beat Big Pharma with a stick. I had no personal reason to feel that way. In my vast history of patient-being, I'd never had a particularly negative pharma experience—what's been prescribed has worked with no real side effects save for some fatigue and nausea here and there. Smart patients don't just swallow their pills. They research, learn the side effects and interactions ahead of time, and discuss with their doctors the impacts. Moreover these patients tend to see Big Pharma's advertising and drug reps not as sources of education but as shill. This perception has not been about  which pharma company but rather it has been of all pharma companies. Enter Jerry. I'd heard rumor that there were pharma guys in attendance at the Partnership for Patients conference in Kansas City, MO. I was distrustful but curious, so it was between sessions that I caught Jerry's ear. Nothing about Jerry fit my pre-conceived notion o