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Mixed Emotions—A Christmas Story

When I'm in the kitchen, nothing else exists. There's no stress, no deadlines, no illness, no worry. I commune with pot and spoon and liken my seasoning and stirring to an indoor form of gardening—cheaper than therapy and resulting in good things to eat. Unlike therapy, when my soul calls out in the dark hours, cooking and gardening don't keep office hours. There's an old R.E.M. song that I can't help but sing when I'm out pulling weeds by the light of the moon, "Though all the feelings that broke through that door/ Just didn't seem to be too real/ The yard is nothing but a fence, the sun just hurts my eyes/ Somewhere it must be time for penitence... Gardening at night..." Brutal cold and whipping winds made gardening impossible Friday night, so instead, I set about baking. Three runs of scones came together as amalgamations of flour, sugar, and half and half. I used my grandmother's cookie cutters to give them shape—candied ginger and cocon

No, You Kiss My...

According to the results of 10 patient surveys conducted by, Dr. Larry M. Greenbaum's patient satisfaction marks are below the national average. A board-certified rheumatologist who graduated from  SUNY Downstate Medical Center  in 1984 and did both his internship and residency at Winthrop University , Greenbaum has been with  Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants  in Greenwood, IN since 1993. His practice's office staff seems fine enough. For the ease of appointment scheduling, office environment and office friendliness the survey indicates that patients find these services to be "good" or, just marginally, "very good." But when it comes to wait time, things don't look so good. shows that patients are reporting a 16 to 30 minute wait while the national average is 10 to 15. Perhaps patients spend this extra time waiting doing a bit of personal reflecting. Rather than reading old magazines, cleaning out their purses