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Dr. Mike Sevilla Has Left The Virtual Building

Hearing of Dr. Mike Sevilla's decision to leave the realm of healthcare and social media was like stumbling across the obituary notice of a mentor's passing. Sevilla was one of the first physicians I met online to take notice of my own work, and he joined Dr. Michael Ulrich of Mayo Clinic to be the first physicians to participate in a live Facebook dialogue with the patient-run, peer-to-peer support group for those affected by fibromuscular dysplasia, FMD Chat , on Nov. 12, 2011. But by 2011, healthcare social media was an old hat for Sevilla. In 2006, he was one of the first physicians to engage in social media, blogging as Dr. Anonymous at a time when most of us were still experimenting with ICQ messaging, Napster, and MySpace. Colleagues appreciated his voice as he blogged about what interested him and what he felt was important, and thus he garnered a following and a community. Affectionally referred to as "Blog-A-Holics Anonymous," the community supported on

Charydbis Paints, A Story About Regina Holliday

Her passion is a maelstrom, pulling the masses into her swirling sea of brushes and paint, Legos and cinderblocks, yet as does Charydbis, Greek's mythological representation of the tides, all who are drawn in by this great passion are returned—churned over, tumbled round, and changed. Her intensity frightened me at first. There are few in this world who live with such a sense of purpose and clear sense of leadership, and too often those who do separate themselves from the sense humanity that drove them to their cause. What endeared Regina Holliday to me consequently was the way her voice strained and rose an octave as she told the story of her late-husband's diagnosis with kidney cancer. It was a voice rife with emotion yet sharpened on anger and urgency. It was a voice that had experienced loss as the result of wicked biology and hurt as the result of medical arrogance and incompetency. It was a voice I recognized. Holliday fed her experiences into her art, becoming an adv