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A Circle, A Stroke

Dusk had fallen as I nosed my car up to the locked gates of the small elementary school on the north side of town. I turned off the ignition, removed the keys, opened the car door, stepped out onto the pavement, rounded the back corner of the car, and waited for my husband to pop the hatch. He reached inside, both hands gripping aluminum and rubber, and pulled out my new lime green and toothpaste white bicycle. "I am 33. I am 33. I am 33," I chanted beside him. It was as much to myself as to any passerby. Standing only five-feet-tall and dressed in pink shorts and a purple shirt, I looked the daughter to my husband's six-feet-tall-and-bearded father. "You got it?" he asked, one hand on the bike as the other reached up to close the hatch. "Yeah," I said, rolling the bike along with me toward a small footpath alongside the gated school driveway. The empty school parking lot had been my idea. It was Sunday and school was not yet back in session, s