21 July 2021

Here We Go.

 I am deeply honored to have been nominated for four WEGO Health Awards. 

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Advocating for another
Best in Show: Twitter
Healthcare Collaborator 
Patient Leader Hero  

The WEGO Health Awards are a function of WEGO Health, which connects healthcare's industry, administrative, research and technology sides with patients' unique skills, experiences and insights. 

the Wego  Health Awards recognize patient leaders in 16 categories -- with an emphasis on social media. from Twitter to Tik Tok, big time bloggers to best kept secrets, solo podcasters to team performers.  Patient Leaders motivate, they inspire change,  they solve problems. Patient leaders strive to improve healthcare for us all.

Last year, the WEGO Health Awards garnered  more than 15,000 nominations and people like you provided more than 130,000 endorsements. An endorsement is a way to give nominees a visual show of support. The endorsement button can be found on each nominee’s WEGO Health profile. You can only endorse a nominee once per award category.

To  endorse any of my nominations, please visit my WEGO Health Profile.  

But don't just check out WEGO on my behalf. 

Make your own nominations 

endorse other nominees 

For this  the 10th anniversary of the WEGO Health Awards. WEGO is partnering  with HLTH to honor award winners during a four-day conference event. Each Award-winner will earn a compensated 2022 WEGO Health Advisory Board leader position, as well as airfare and three-nights accommodations in order to attend HLTHOctober 17-20 2021 in Boston.

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

HLTH’s brings together leaders from across the health ecosystem to help solve some of the industry’s largest problems and bring to life some of the most promising opportunities to improve health. 

2021 Speakers include:

Amy P. Abernethy, Verily President of Clinical Research Platforms & Former Principal Deputy Commissioner at US FDA

Toyin Ajayi,  co-founder and Chief Health Officer of Cityblock Health

Stéphane Bancel, Moderna Chief Executive Officer

Aashima Gupta, Google CloudHealthcare

Alicia Stokes, Vice President, Strategy Planning and Performance, Government Markets NCBCBS

Misu Tasnim, Executive Director of the U.S. Digital Service at the Department of Health and Human Services

Julie Yoo, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focusing on healthcare technology

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