09 August 2011

Terrible Twos-day: Jerry McGuire Edition

My husband and I met on the job in 2003. I was a reporter, he was a graphic designer, the newspaper was a weekly with a Tuesday press day. Tuesday was miserable. Tuesday was the kind of miserable that we—and a majority of the other staffers—began dreading next Tuesday before the current Tuesday had passed. Any Tuesday at work needed no other explanation than it's being Tuesday, and any Tuesday not at work was enjoyed with particular glee. I moved on from being a reporter and escaped Tuesday; my husband has not yet had that luxury and is now on his ninth year of Terrible Tuesdays. It is in his honor that I announce the arrival of Terrible Twos-days. Each Tuesday will bring something in twos, but not threes — because that would be inherently good, and Tuesday is terrible.

Everything is Terrible
"Since the dawn of VHS, we've been chronicling wild packs of Maguires in their native thrift store habitat with our patented Maguirewatches, and during that time, we decided to start a Jerry Maguire sanctuary to preserve these great artifacts."

Show Me the Money - William Shatner meets Top Gun
Alan Pietruszewski competes on the 2006 game show named after Jerry McGuire's catch phrase. He cites 1982's "An Officer and a Gentleman" as the inspiration for him joining the Navy and becoming a real Top Gun.

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