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AfternoonNapper (Sarah E. Kucharski) has nearly 20 years professional experience in strategic communications, social media management, marketing, graphic design, public relations, news reporting, magazine writing, and editing. A consultant and public speaker fostering the patient voice, Kucharski's special interests include chronic illness, doctor-patient communication, end of life care, patient-caregiver relationships, patient engagement, patient experience, health literacy, and innovation.

She has a B.A. in journalism, a M.A. in liberal studies, a certificate from Columbia University's Narrative Medicine program, and a certificate in End of Life Care from a provider of continuing nursing education accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

She has been a keynote speaker, solo presenter, panel contributor, workshop facilitator, and advisor for organizations including Planetree International, the American Society of Nephrology, MedCity, Doctors 2.0 & You, Bon Secours, Johns Hopkins, Stanford Medicine X, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation among others. Her work has been recognized with a RARE Champion of Hope Nomination for Collaborations in Advocacy as well as other awards and scholarships.

As an advocate and as CEO/Chairman and Founder of FMD Chat, a nonprofit medical organization, Kucharski serves on the N.C. Rare Disease Coalition, which supports a state-established council at the School of Medicine of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that advises the Governor, the Secretary, and the General Assembly on research, diagnosis, treatment, and education relating to rare disease. She also is a WEGO Health Advisory Board member, acting as a voice for patient communities to the world’s largest network of patient leaders. WEGO Health partners with startups, life sciences companies, non-profits, agencies, government other organizations to present enterprise and on-demand solutions that leverage patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of products and services.

In her spare time, Kucharski also volunteers via Doobert, a social platform enabling animal rescue organizations across the U.S. to find transportation drivers to help animals move from shelter environments to foster and forever homes. She is a founding member of the alumni council at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Morehead Planetarium.

To connect and contact me, please visit:

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