17 September 2014

Call for ePatient Applications - Medicine X 2015

Each September since 2012, healthcare's thought leaders and innovators have come together at Stanford University for an unique conference event that gives true meaning to the phrase patients included. Medicine X is an academic medical conference for everyone.

Participants from throughout the industry—clinicians, nurses, researchers, device developers, technology creators, pharmaceutical representatives, designers and others—join activated, empowered and engaged patients. Known as ePatients, these patients are at the forefront of changing healthcare to become more patient­ centered.

Stanford Medicine X is the premiere international convening of thought leaders around healthcare innovation, education, design and patient empowerment. Medicine X has begun accepting applications for full and partial scholarships for patients to attend and speak at the 2015 event.

Full and partial scholarships are awarded to as many as 35 patients to enable their conference participation. Scholarships cover or greatly discount conference registration fees, provide all patients with breakfast, lunch and snacks on each conference day, and provide the opportunity for ePatients to become integral voices in conference proceedings. 

Upon acceptance to the Medicine X ePatient Scholarship Program, those selected become Medicine X Delegates. After participating in select events leading up to the 2015 event, attending the conference on the Stanford University campus, and successfully creating deliverables that utilize social media to reflect on their conference experience, attendees become Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholars. 

To learn more about the 2015 Medicine X ePatient Scholarship Program and apply, click here. Applications are due no later than Nov. 1, 2014. (And yes — if you are interested in and passionate about patients' roles in medicine, YOU should apply. We aren't just looking for people who have helped enact legislation or founded their own nonprofit or invented a life-saving device. Those things are great, but most of all we seek candidates who have a desire to make a difference and can learn from what the program and fellow ePatients have to offer.)

Listen in to what some of 2014's ePatients and attendees had to say about MedX via fellow Medicine X advisor Chris Snider's podcast Just Talking. (And really... this stuff is worth listening to no matter what.)

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