28 August 2011

Minneapolis May Not Want Me But Stanford Does

There is a part of me that feels like a schmuck. I made great motions about trying to win a scholarship to the Mayo Clinic's Social Media Summit, asking for votes via several Facebook pages, via Twitter, and with a column in our local paper. And then I didn't win.

But while I was waiting to hear from Mayo, I was encouraged to apply for scholarship to a similar summit on the Stanford Medical campus—and I won that... without any public votes or the like. I applied, they selected me, I am going.

It's an odd little predicament to no win something cool only to win something cool. The truth of the matter is that I applied for Mayo and got such a tremendous outpouring of support from the public that I didn't hesitate to apply for the Stanford summit. Their votes were vote for me regardless, and it did my soul a world of good. The process also allowed me to make a serious dent in my bucket list item of spreading awareness of fibromuscular dysplasia.

Stanford's Medicine 2.0 Summit
is coming up quickly—I'll be flying out on Sept. 15. The summit runs Sept. 16-18. I'll be back after a redeye flight on Sept. 20. My husband is coming with, not to attend the summit, but to babysit me on my cross country journey and to commune with the Pacific. I am hopeful that I will be able to make contacts who will be useful and interesting interview subjects when it comes to writing my book regarding patients' involvement in their own healthcare, which I have promised myself to begin working on in earnest come January.

Meanwhile, I'm planning my time at the summit. It is a true geek fest, which I think is wonderful, and organizers have done a great job of scheduling each day so that there's just about always something interesting going on. Here's what the trip is looking like for me (italics indicate things are expected to be personal highlights):

Sept. 15
Flight departs at 725, arrives at 1213

Get to Stanford...

Hit the hotel pool,
walk about campus, go to Gordon Biersch Brewing Company

Sept. 16
Breakfast - 730-840

Welcome with Larry Chu, MD, MS, Ex. Dir. of Stanford Summit - 830-840

Opening Keynote with
Abraham Verghese, MD and author - 840-910

The Networked Patient, Communities of Practice & Participatory Medicine
- 920-1028

Break - 1028-1050 (really... 1028?)

Healthcare Transformers, Persuasion, Socially Networked Hospitals, Personalized Healthcare, and the Arts of Medicine 2.0
- 1050-1215

Lunch Box - 1215-1230

Knowledge Revolution, Inventions in Medical Education for Tomorrow's Learners - 1230-115

Break - 115-141

The Interconnected Life, Social Technologies and the Future
- 141-250 (includes a panel member from Google!)

Break - 250-320

The New Scientist, Facebook for Scientists, Culture of Science on the Internet, and the Science of Sharing - 320-445

Break - 445-515

Closing - 515-600

Dinner out at Tamarine and checking out University Ave - 630 - ....

Sept. 17
Travel recovery time and breakfast with the hubby (Joanie's Cafe) while the docs are all opening keynote listening.

Combining Social Media with Virtual Coaching to Prevent and Overcome Loneliness and Break Sedentary Lifestyles in Elders
- 1145-1230

Lunch - 1230-1253

What Lies Around the Bend? Exploring Next Steps in Social Media and Primary Care - 1253-108

The "Meaningful Use" of Social Media by Physicians - 130-230

The Challenges of Becoming Virtual: The Experience of a Rehabilitation Community of Practice on Stroke Care
- AND - The Goody-Gaga Effect: Health Communication at the Nexus of Social
Media & Popular Culture
- 230-315 (can I be two places at once?)

Perhaps go zen for awhile - 315-430

Online Patient Education for Teenagers: Disease Self-Management and Medical Decision Support - AND - What is the Role of Online Support for the Supporters - AND - Making Home the Heart of Health, Today's tools & techniques - 430-600

Cocktail Reception and Social Mixer
- 600-700

Dinner at Pennisula Fountain & Grill and an early bedtime - 730 - ....

Sept. 18

Breakfast - 800-900

Persuasive Technology with BJ Fogg
- 900-955

Break - 955-1030

Using Social network Analysis to Understand Web 2.0 Communications - 1030-1115

Communicating the Experience of Illness through Patient Blogs
- 1115-1200

Lunch - 1200-1241

A Visual Screening Instrument: Assessment for Common Mental Disorders and Suicide Ideation - 1241-1256

Taking Personal Health Records to a New Level, Establishing a Platform for Allowing for Consumer Control of Interoperable Health Care Information - AND - The Power of Text-messaging Technology to Increase Patient Compliance with Medication and Adherence to Physician Recommendations and Educational Interventions in Free Clinics - AND - Impact of Texting and Predictive Potential of Health Literacy on Medication Adherence
- 100-230

Break - 230-300

Quantified Self and the Self-Tracking Patient
- 300-345

Self Tracking Live Demos - AND - Physicians' reasons for professional Internet Use and the Impact on Attitudes toward Internet-informed Patients and Prescribing Behavior
- 345-430

Venture to Half Moon Bay for sightseeing, beach, and dinner at Princeton Seafood Co. - 530 - ...

Sept. 19

Sleep in a bit and find some breakfast

Check out

Head in the direction of San Fran to Fisherman's Wharf -
San Francisco Carousel, Pier Market Seafood Restaurant, Adventure Cat Bay Tour

Go hang out at the airport!

Flight departs at 1130 (p.m.)

Sept. 20

Flight arrives 10:30 (a.m.)



  1. Sarah- this looks like an amazing conference, completely geared toward the patient advocate. Minneapolis still needs you... especially us fmders! Thank you for writing and inspiring.

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  3. I understand how you are feeling about the Mayo scholarship experience, Sarah. But like you, I am thrilled to have won a scholarship to Medicine 2.0 at Stanford, one of the world's leading institutions, for both an inspiring Healthcare/Social Media Summit and informative World Congress of the latest #hcsm research. Stanford is truly committed to the #epatient community! Hope to meet up with you in beautiful Palo Alto, CA!


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